About us

We Provide Smart security for the smart generation

We are bunch of elite cyber security professionals with REAL LIFE required SKILLS and at Mirrortech we put it all together to provide a bullet-proof vest to our clients in the times of cyber war and keep them away from the dark side of Internet. For every asset which is Important for you is Responsibility for us. 

As an organization we develop security solutions with Our motto to prevent you from security problems.

Our Work Process

At Sakiyeb we set up a Mechanism based on your requirements

Build a Team with Priority Assigned for the client

Stay alert for the client always and disarm every bullet disguised cyber security attack

Burhan L,

DevOps Engineer

Using cutting-edge technology to help make the digital world a safer place and Making the digital CLOUD world easy

Abdultaiyeb C,

Security Analyst

Abdul loves build solutions to detect threats that others ignore and Keep hackers at bay whilst you enjoy your weekend

Akash S,

Project Manager

Akash Creates a flow and process using his expertise to enhance User experience and ease the communication