What is the Service?

AppSec is a one-stop solution to protect and safeguard your Devices i.e Mobile phones, laptops, desktops etc. from the latest Threat actors and Vulnerabilities in your existing suite of software and applications.

Secure Now


Once you subscribe to AppSec, We assign a personal relationship manager who handles all the further processes and queries for you. The RM will give a brief about the process and the work that goes into protecting your devices and data.


With proper guidance and assistance from R.M. , you will be able to set it up with ease. Set up requires only a few steps and boom… your device is Completely protected.

Sit back and Relax

We got your back, all you need to do is sit back and relax. All your devices are completely protected and safe from any threat and vulnerability.

Threat Alert

If there is any kind of threat or vulnerability visible, we alert you through a call from RM and also through mail service. The RM will guide you through various steps and help you keep your data protected.


Right protection, right time and we have all of it recovered. Your system is completely recovered from any threat if caused.

Where Can It be Used?

AppSec is a platform-agnostic solution, for any number of devices whether it’s Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android or IOS . For SMEs and Individuals as well.

Why Is It Necessary? 

Data breaches have become costlier over time, and modern security is the only way to prevent them. More specifically, device security can mitigate the risks stemming from unauthorized access, unclosed vulnerabilities, and malicious traffic and applications.


Corporate Records Leaked

91 %

Cyber Attacks by Phishing Emails

43 %

Small and Mid scale businesses Targeted


Data Breaches

Plans and Pricing


SGD 15.00

/ month
  • Number of Devices :  4
  • Personal Relationship Manager
  • Half Yearly List Update
  • Email, Chat and Call Support


SGD 20.00

/ month
  • Number of Devices : 20
  • Personal Relationship Manager
  • Quarterly List Update
  • Email, Chat and Call Support


 Contact Sales

  • Custom number of Devices
  • Multiple Managers based on Needs
  • Monthly List Update
  • Email, Chat and Call Support